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Florence transformed nursing when she got back [from Crimea]. Nightingale became a role model for each nursing student.

Before the experiments of the mids by Pasteur and Listerhardly anyone took germ theory seriously; even afterwards, many medical practitioners were unconvinced. Any personal ambitions she may possess should be ignored as she pursues this singular goal.

She decides to attend the Kaiserswerth Institute in Germany where more advanced theories in nutrition and hygiene were being taught to nunsa decision that devastates Richard Milnes, who has courted Florence, and who has asked for her hand in marriage. Nightingale worked hard to educate herself in the art and science of nursing, in the face of opposition from her family and the restrictive social code for affluent young English women.

After the war she went back to Britain where she was awarded many awards for her skills and works during the Crimean war.

Ten times more soldiers died from illnesses such as typhustyphoidcholera and dysentery than from battle wounds. Her environmental theory help us a lot in our nursing profession which incorporated the restoration of the usual health status of the nurse's clients into the delivery of health care which is still practice today Danella Oloresisimo, when she was a kid she had a playmate, that playmate was the daughter of their maid.

She died at the age of 90 on August 13, at her sleep. Summer essay topics year 7th ielts essay 2 structure maps essay different types music favourite hobby the violence essay village blacksmith.

Publish research papers xenobiotics essay energy efficiency label saudi arabia american food essay karachi money essay writing english topics. Nightingale argued that secular hospitals usually provided better care than their religious counterparts. Was this review helpful to you.

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Despite her symptoms, she remained phenomenally productive in social reform. Charles Dickens caricatured the standard of care in his — published novel Martin Chuzzlewit in the figure of Sarah Gamp as being incompetent, negligent, alcoholic and corrupt.

Because of that movie I gain more knowledge and understandings based on her theories and deeds. Even here, however, Nightingale eventually succeeds in her goals, aided by allies such as the politician Sidney Herbert and the journalist William Russell, and by the fact that even the Army top brass cannot close its eyes to the dramatic reduction in the death rate achieved by her methods.

Suggestions for Thought, her own theodicywhich develops her heterodox ideas. She was really fortunate during her time because gaining knowledge is exceptional for women.

The arrival of sympathetic doctor - and potential lover - Dr. Facing resistence from almost every corner of society, Nightingale bucked not only her disapproving parents, but suitors, her own class of people, the medical profession, and the British Army, to achieve a strictly selfless goal: But after a shaky start, she grows into the role, and her sincere, honest portrayal against a cast of technically proficient British pros goes a long way towards making the film a success.

She is also against inequality among the rich and the poor as well.

Florence Nightingale

And she promise to her self from that experience that she's going to be a nurse so that no one will experience the same thing she experienced. I think she's really a hardworking person and I admire and praise her works.

Nightingale's work was very very important and very helpful on our daily living today. Essay for ielts examples fast food 90 word essay examples college farewell to arms essay key theme essay what is hate dance bad friendship essay prompts.

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Her ideas inspired the volunteer body of the United States Sanitary Commission.

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She was really fortunate during her time because gaining knowledge is exceptional for women. For me, her deeds will be a model to become a nurse.

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This also isnt a very rain heavy storm, so flooding isnt as big of a deal as it is with other hurricanes either unless your near a river because the storm surge can really affect the rivers a lot as well. A brief background She was born in Florence Italy, on May 12, As we all know, Nightingale is one of the famous nursing pioneer in our country today.

She became dedicated to her profession until she died. And I learned from her is to keep our environment clean to prevent some diseases and many else. There was no equipment to process food for the patients.

Reaction About Florence Nightingale Movie. discuss in detail about the life of Florence Nightingale, her contributions and achievements in also focuses on how she has influenced nursing today.

Nightingale was a great believer in environmental cleanliness and communal hygiene. She believed that the simple things are the key to good nursing care. Florence nightingale movie essay. 5 stars based on 37 reviews kinokuniyacom Essay. Importance of girls education short essay about friendship destillieren chemie beispiel essay.

Global goals zero hunger essay Ap essay synthesis essay on rites of passage essay on road to perdition movie. This is the fact-based story of an aristocratic woman who defies Victorian society to reform hospital sanitation and to define the nursing profession as it is known today.

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There are no featured reviews for Florence Nightingale at this time. Rate it! View All Florence Nightingale Quotes. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Director: Daryl Duke. Feb 09,  · A very good documentary about Florence Nightingale.

It tackles her legacy with both positive and negative interpretations. This will be particularly useful f.

Reaction about florence nightingale movie
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Theoretical Foundations of Nursing: The Life of Florence Nightingale