Disadvantages of mother tongue

Translation, too, has unveiled problems, such as which dialect of the language should be used in Bicol, for example, which varies in vocabulary and accent from place to place.

What is the relation between mother tongue and bilingualism. English speaking countries have always been at the forefront of science and technology.

You get to pick out a flavor of mint, strawberry, bubble gum and etc. My research also proves that a second language can be learned through comparison of similarities and differences between the L1 and the L2.

Username Password Lost password. This policy is designed to ensure that children have a strong foundation of literacy in their mother tongue.

What are some disadvantages of the mother tongue? Essay Sample

We have to see English as the language that should generally be used, and that whenever English is not being used there should be a good reason for this. Part II will provide suggestions for using the mother tongue judiciously in the English-language classroom.

These children, are unable to learn as much about their society, not because they are cognitively inferior. The worst part is getting the X ray. Separation from the child could be difficult. Sorry, there was an error. She was then taught English and French as well, so that she effectively grew up trilingually.

Law faculty following lectures in English; Business faculty students following their lectures in English; Communication and IT students following their lectures in English.

What do you mean by mother tongue. Results A high percentage of 75 of the student participants in this study felt that Albanian should be used in their English classes. The teachers also filled out a short questionnaire about their attitudes toward the use of Albanian in the English classroom. It is like a universal language.

It is polite to learn a little and to use it, even badly, whenever the oportunity arises. English can be used as a language in any part of the world. All I want to remind is, if your planning on doing this: That mother-in-law tongues aka snake plant thrive on neglect.

Research suggests that mother tongue education has substantial benefits. In fact, these children usually choose to read for pleasure in their home language.

As a teacher, I hope that we continue analyzing its advantages and disadvantages so that we can make the necessary improvements in the forthcoming school years.

About Help Center http: Translation, too, has unveiled problems, such as which dialect of the language should be used in Bicol, for example, which varies in vocabulary and accent from place to place. Rather, it is because by the time that they enter school, they have become proficient in communicating using their mother tongue.

I accept the community guidelines, http: As all teachers of English probably realize proficiency in L2 implies the ability to be bilingual -- using appropriately and interchangeably L2 and L1. It is like a universal language. African children tested in English did better than those tested in African languages.

Advantages of mother tongue

Students feel there are clear cases where Albanian will facilitate their comprehension of what is happening in class. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it. The mother tongue represents a powerful resource that can be used in a number of ways to enhance learning but that it must always be used in a principled way.

Speak English in New York and you are treated like a moron. If you have to get braces, they tell you do you know where you can go to see an orthodontist. Reading scores in English were somewhat higher than those in Sepedi, probably because there was a greater range of books available in English and children chose to read more in this language.

Disadvantages of using the mother tongue However, it is just this kind of tendency that could lead to the development of an excessive dependency on the students’ mother tongue (Harbord, ) by both teachers and students. Consequently. Mother tongue-based bilingual programs use the learner’s first language, known as the L1, to teach beginning reading and writing skills along with academic content.1 The second or foreign language, known as the L2, should be taught systematically so that.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having one's mother tongue as the medium of instruction during primary education in India? What are the advantages of. Disadvantages of a mother tongue based education: Painful shift in higher education: The students will have a painful shift at highschool or college when they are required to learn engineering, medical or accounting concepts in English.

Children learn better in their mother tongue. UNESCO has encouraged mother tongue instruction in primary education since (UNESCO, ) and UNESCO highlights the advantages of mother tongue education right from the start: children are more likely to enroll and succeed in school (Kosonen, ); parents are more likely to communicate with.

The Debate About Mother-Tongue Education: What You Should Know by Adrian Marnewick S ince the enactment of the South African constitution when 11 official languages were recognised in our multicultural country, the debate about mother-tongue education has been raging.

Disadvantages of mother tongue
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What are some disadvantages of the mother tongue? | Essay Example